Posted by: motorcyclemuse | 18 May 2010

California Pre-Run Days

The past two days in California has been filled with planning meetings, reuniting with old friends, and making new friends.  Everyone is excited that Run For The Wall XXII starts tomorrow, Wednesday, May 19th.  The two routes, Central and Southern, will begin together at a local shopping mall with opening ceremonies.  Then the Southern Route will depart for their first overnight stop in Phoenix, and the Central Route (the one I’m on that goes through West Virginia) will depart for our first overnight stop in Williams, Arizona.  As you can see from the pictures, lots of fellowship and patriotism.

Posted by: motorcyclemuse | 17 May 2010

Day 6 Outward Bound to LA

Finally!!!  Successful arrival in LA (Rancho Cucamonga, actually).

Not much to say about our ride in from Phoenix other than it was hot!  Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention about the WHOLE pack getting pulled over by seven cops!  Seems like one of the motorists got mad because she had to share the road and couldn’t wait for us to pass a semi-truck because she was in a hurry (she was doing 120 mph, not kidding) and started trying to weave in and out among us.  When she was unsuccessful and still had to wait, she called the cops and said a “biker gang” was dominating the road and ran her off the road.  This is what the law enforcement officers told us she said, that’s how we know.  Anyway after they pulled us over (seven cop cars) and saw who we were, they said nobody was in trouble and we went on our merry way.

After that we stopped in the desert at a truck stop to fuel and get lunch. 

Monday and Tuesday will be pre-run activities and the Run begins on Wednesday.

Posted by: motorcyclemuse | 16 May 2010

Day 5 Outward Bound to LA

We awoke to a beautiful New Mexico morning and headed out for our overnight stop of Phoenix, Arizona.

Last evening, we met up with the rest of the people joining us.  We are now 35 strong headed into LA, including our own chase vehicle (very helpful if you break down!).

We had a beautiful ride by bypassing Tuscon and taking the back roads through the desert and a nice ride through Salt Lick Canyon.  Sadly, we didn’t stop for photos.

We all arrived safely in Phoenix and are eagerly anticipating our arrival tomorrow in LA.  Actually, it’s a suburb called Rancho Cucamonga.

Not long now until RFTW XXII 2010 begins!

Posted by: motorcyclemuse | 16 May 2010

Day 4 Outward Bound to LA

What a day!

We began the day with overcast skies that quickly turned to rain once we were under way.  The rain then turned to heavy rain by the time we got to our first fuel stop.

One of the riders checked the radar on his GPS unit on his motorcycle and we saw a hail storm headed straight for us and found out we were under a tornado watch.  We decided to wait it out.  Once the storm passed we checked the radar again and found that we were in a brief opening before an even bigger storm with more hail was about to hit.  The decision was made to hit the road and try to thread the needle between the storms…the football equivalent of a quarterback trying to force a pass into double coverage.

We went down the interstate as fast as conditions would allow and made it to our next fuel stop without too much more rain.  So, our hail mary pass worked!  Or, so we thought.  Upon arriving at the fuel stop, we were informed by the other riders waiting to meet us there that a tornado had touched down in a town we just passed through not even fifteen minutes after we had gone through that area.  Plus, more storm trouble was on the way.  We bypassed having a regular lunch stop, fueled, and hit the road again.

We were almost out from under the storm clouds, when off to our right, not more than a mile away, we saw a funnel cloud drop out of the sky and hit the ground.  None of us could believe we were going down the interstate with a tornado practically next to us.  Fortunately, the tail of the tornado lifted off the ground and back into the sky after about 30 seconds.

Needless to say, I didn’t take the time nor have the inclination to photograph any of these events!

Once we finally arrived at our evening destination, Las Cruces, New Mexico, we went out and had a nice dinner at a local restaurant named La Posta.  The restaurant was an original stage-coach stop of the old west and had famous people stay there in the early days such as Billy the Kid.

Posted by: motorcyclemuse | 13 May 2010

Day 3 Outward Bound to LA

These song lyrics popped into my head this morning as soon as I looked at the weather:  Woke up this morning, what did I see a big black cloud hanging over me.

Needless to say, the weather did not look good as we headed down the road at 0700 hours.  But, after about two hours my mind changed to these song lyrics:  Here comes the sun…Here comes the sun.

One of our friends hosted us for lunch at his house and fixed us Texas-style barbecue beef ribs (very thick ones).  We had a nice break and a great time of fellowship.

We had great weather the rest of the day until right before we reached our overnight stop in Weatherford, Texas and then, once again, that big black cloud appeared.  This time we got the rain.  It wasn’t a bad shower but enough to get wet and make riding slick.

Tomorrow we leave for Las Cruces, New Mexico and will pick up more riders along the way and meet up with another big group coming across I-10.

Posted by: motorcyclemuse | 12 May 2010

Day 2 Outward Bound to LA

Well, the weather this morning reminded me of the old tune:  “Blue skies smiling at me, Nothing but blue skies do I see.”

As a nice change from yesterday’s weather, we had perfect weather all day long.

We did have one little hiccup today.  One of the Honda Goldwing motorcycles in our group had a mechanical issue.  (OK.  All of you Harley people can stop laughing now!)  Actually, the Goldwing managed to throw both bolts out of one of its front brake calipers somewhere between Hurricane Mills and Memphis, Tennessee.  After I loaned the Goldwing owner a bolt for a temporary patch, we helped the Goldwing limp along in Memphis interstate traffic to a Honda dealer where some bolts were found that would work.  After about an hour and a half delay, we were back en route to our evening stop, Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

Earlier in the day, since we knew we were joining up with a couple in Memphis named Speedy and Pooh, we decided that we had to have a Tigger to complete the entourage.  Thanks to Honeybuns for allowing Tigger to ride “All The Way” (ATW) on the Run For the Wall (RFTW) this year.

Posted by: motorcyclemuse | 11 May 2010

Day 1 Outward Bound to LA

Once again, just like clockwork, the beginning of my trip (the Run to the Run) started out reminding me of the old nursery rhyme:  “Rain rain go away, Come again another day!”

After the gang of four slogged our way out of the rain, we faced horrific winds all the way to Tennessee.  We were worn out when we got to our overnight stop just north of Nashville.

Alas, the weather report looks good for the rest of the trip west, warm (hot) and no rain!

Not much else to say for today, and if there were, I’d be too tired to write it.

Tomorrow, on to Arkadelphia, Arkansas via Memphis where we pick up more riders.

Posted by: motorcyclemuse | 8 May 2010

What Does May Mean?

It’s May again.  When you think about the month of May, what do you think about?  For me, the first thing that pops into mind is warm weather.  The cold and snow of winter is finally gone (well, for most of us anyway) and summer is just around the corner.  But, more than that, when I think about May, I think about Memorial Day.  The day this country has set aside to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to make sure that you and I have the freedom to pursue our dreams.  I’m always amazed as I ride the highways and byways of our great country at the number of our country’s flags I see flying not only at schools, government buildings, churches, and businesses, but also the number of American flags that people fly at their homes.  A sense of pride always swells up in me when I round a corner or top a hill and see a home that has Old Glory flying proudly from a stand, to a small mounted pole, to even huge flag poles people have anchored in their yards.  What a great nation we live in!  We ARE truly blessed to be in the land of the free and the home of the brave!  And, of course,  thinking about warm weather, Memorial Day, and our great patriotic spirit automatically causes me to think about Run For The Wall (

Run For The Wall (RFTW) is a very special event in which a whole lot of volunteers help a lot of motorcycle riders go cross-country from LA to DC to bring remembrance to veterans, POWs/MIAs, and support of our current troops.  And, all this effort culminates during Memorial Day weekend in RFTW’s presentation at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall and riding in Rolling Thunder.

As I prepare to leave for LA on 11 May 2010, stay tuned for further posts as I report about the trip out to LA for the start of Run For The Wall and reports about participation in Run For The Wall as we head east to DC.

Posted by: motorcyclemuse | 19 February 2010

Welcome fellow riders and musers!

Welcome to my new blog home!  Here you will find many musings, most related to motorcycling in some form or fashion and some, just for the good of the order.

Posted by: motorcyclemuse | 24 May 2009

Mission Completed!

Day 10 – Lewisburg, WV to Washington DC

Day 10 has finally arrived. Today we will roll in to Washington DC with hundreds of motorcycles. Once again, we have successfully completed our mission from LA to DC by riding for those who can’t and bringing renewed focus to POW/MIA issues, as well as support our veterans and active duty personnel.


Today, we gathered at the Lincoln Memorial for our group photo and to pay our respects to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and will never ride with us again.


Staging began very early this morning for the Rolling Thunder Parade. Anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 motorcycles annually participate in this event.

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