Posted by: motorcyclemuse | 17 May 2010

Day 6 Outward Bound to LA

Finally!!!  Successful arrival in LA (Rancho Cucamonga, actually).

Not much to say about our ride in from Phoenix other than it was hot!  Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention about the WHOLE pack getting pulled over by seven cops!  Seems like one of the motorists got mad because she had to share the road and couldn’t wait for us to pass a semi-truck because she was in a hurry (she was doing 120 mph, not kidding) and started trying to weave in and out among us.  When she was unsuccessful and still had to wait, she called the cops and said a “biker gang” was dominating the road and ran her off the road.  This is what the law enforcement officers told us she said, that’s how we know.  Anyway after they pulled us over (seven cop cars) and saw who we were, they said nobody was in trouble and we went on our merry way.

After that we stopped in the desert at a truck stop to fuel and get lunch. 

Monday and Tuesday will be pre-run activities and the Run begins on Wednesday.


  1. Great tail muse. Glad you all made it safely, if a little wet. As for the Cops letting you guys go, well it is amazing the power that those RFTW patches and POW/MIA patches have isn’t it.


    P.S, Clyde and I will be in Wentzville to salute you as you come in.

  2. …thanks glad you got there safe…working hard to keep truckers happy with you all. Still hoping to see you in Wentzville.


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